Sydney Flooring has earned a reputation in the timber flooring industry as leaders in quality, service and value for money. Thanks to our leading suppliers, the latest floorboard designs, and our experienced installation team, residents in Sydney can enjoy low-maintenance and competitively-priced flooring options which add value to their home or commercial space.

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Australian Hardwoods are a reliable and beautiful option that will never go out of fashion. Coming in all sorts of colours and widths means there is the perfect option for all aesthetics. Being some of the hardest and most durable timbers in the world, Australian Hardwoods seem to tick all the boxes from performance to look and feel.


Brings the look and feel of solid timber with the convenience of a pre-finished product. The flooring can be glued or floated over any level subfloor such as a concrete slab, particleboard or plywood sheeting or over old timber floors or tiles. Plus, it comes in a huge variety of textures and colours making it an incredibly versatile option.


A classic and timeless style that was brought in to the spotlight throughout Europe in the late 1600’s, Parquetry has, and always will be, an incredibly popular style. A style that exudes elegance and luxury, and looks at home in any design from formal to contemporary, which makes it is a popular choice among architects and designers alike.

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